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Fulfillment Services

Digital Print Technologies can solve your fulfillment problem.

Getting your product to the end user can be very costly and time consuming. More importantly, the complex nature of product production and fulfillment distract from core skills such as marketing, product development and sales.

Digital Print Technologies fulfillment service is cost effective and often produces better results than doing the work in-house.

  • Kit Building & Hand Assembly
  • Pick & Pack
  • Inventory Control
  • Sorting & Collating
  • Catalog fulfillment
  • Shipping & tracking systems
  • Customized reporting
  • Storage

Kit Building & Hand Assembly

The components of a custom distribution package are often produced by many different suppliers and therefore require kit assembly. Digital Print Technologies can assemble all of the different components into a kit and then fulfill those kits to a distribution list.

Digital Print Technologies can also support your design and the actual production of the components whether they’re print, premium or point-of-purchase items. Digital Print Technologies kit assembly services include both on-demand kit assembly and pre-assembly for the creation of in-house stock items.

Pre-assembled kits are then inventoried and warehoused awaiting pick & pack and order processing. There are three common forms of kitting:

Stock Kits

Stock kits are assembled from mass produced components and are held in stock. This gives you the lowest unit cost and the quickest order process response time. Reorder points can be established for all kits making the inventory management process simple. Because the assembly is done all at once, the production process is economical and uncomplicated.

Partially Assembled Kits

The partially assembled kit contains mass produced components like the standard kit, but is combined with time-sensitive items on demand such as updated manuals or software. This type of kit gets the best of both worlds; the economics of mass production combined with the efficiency of on demand production.

Kits On-Demand

Here the kit is only assembled when the order is presented. This process is used with time sensitive materials like price sheets and software updates. This form of kitting is most often used with on demand printing where the components are not drawn from inventory, but rather printed as needed.

Pick & Pack

Digital Print Technologies offers complete value added warehousing and distribution services. If you are concerned about the manner in which your products are stored, packaged and shipped, we are the solution to your fulfillment requirements!